Balance of Terror: Firing “phasers” again

Firing “phasers” again

Another new shot of the Enterprise firing ‘phasers’ to cripple the Romulans. Unlike the original, this shot shows a close-up of the underside of the saucer.

Balance of Terror: New Enterprise establishing shot

New Enterprise establishing shot

This new establishing shot focuses on the bridge and upper saucer section.

Balance of Terror: Enterprise takes damage

Enterprise takes damage

The Enterprise lists after taking damage. The revised version shows the starship rotating as it loses attitude control.

Balance of Terror: New Romulan establishing shot

New Romulan establishing shot

This cgi image completely replaces the original establishing shot.

Balance of Terror: Romulan energy weapon

Romulan energy weapon

The Romulan energy weapon threatens the Enterprise.

In the revised version, the weapon is more textured and fiery in nature.

Balance of Terror: Phaser explosions

Phaser explosions

Phaser detonations have been re-animated with a blue hue and the dust/scratches have been eliminated.

Balance of Terror: Enterprise fires “phasers”

Enterprise fires “phasers”

he Enterprise fires ‘phasers,’ though they look distinctly like what would later be called “photon torpedos.”

The blue reflection on the underside of the saucer is pretty cool.

Balance of Terror: Passing through the comet

Passing through the comet

The comet has been re-animated and enhanced. It is more colorful and shows particle movement.

Balance of Terror: Romulans Engage Cloaking Device

Romulans Engage Cloaking Device

Rather than just disappearing, the new effects show the Romulan ship blur and fade away.

Balance of Terror: Starboard view

starboard view

A starboard view of the Romulan warship.

Balance of Terror: Romulan establishing

romulan establishing

Enhanced and revised establshing shot of the Romulan vessel.

Balance of Terror: Enterprise pursues

enterprise pursues

The Enterprise pursues the Romulans. The CG ship in this sequence looks like something out of a bad video game.

Balance of Terror: Romii or Remus?

romii or remus?

Surprisingly, no changes to the viewscreen display. At the very least, I would have expected Romii (Rom II?) to be changed to Remus.

Captain Kirk even mentions Remus by name in his log entry at the beginning of the episode.

Balance of Terror: Opening planet

opening planet

Geologic features are visible on a new computer-generated planet as the Enterprise flies by during the opening credits

Balance of Terror: Opening Titles

opening titles

The Enterprise zooms by during the opening titles.

Balance of Terror: Establishing Shot

Balance of Terror establishing Shot

This opening shot of the Enterprise changes the angle of approach and adds a motion blur effect.