Devil in the Dark: Enterprise end credit flyby

directed by joseph pevney

The camera pans as the Enterprise zooms past by to close the episode.

written and produced by gene l. coon

Devil in the Dark: Enterprise orbits Janus VI

Enterprise orbits Janus VI

The Enterprise in orbit of Janus VI in a smooth computer-generated manor.

Devil in the Dark: Horta power

Horta power eating through rock

The new effects of the Horta eating through rock. The hole forms from the center and smoke is generated by the action.

Devil in the Dark: No New Phasers

No New Phasers hitting horta

Read my lips: No new phasers.

The point of impact may have been re-animated, but it could just be the difference between the quality of the remastered broadcast and the DVD original.

Devil in the Dark: The good Captain Kirk

The good Captain Kirk

The good Captain Kirk stands against the new 3D backdrop.

Devil in the Dark: Orbiting Janus VI

Orbiting Janus VI

A computer-generated Enterprise orbits the Janus VI mining colony.

Devil in the Dark: Enterprise orbits/Title card

Enterprise orbits/Title card

Computer-generated Enterprise and newly-rendered planet during the episode title shot.

Devil in the Dark: Mines of Janus VI

Mines of Janus VI

A new 3D matte painting of the mines of Janus VI adds depth and atmosphere to the underground cavern.

Devil in the Dark: Janus IV Establishing Shot

Janus IV Establishing Shot

Establishing shot that opens the episode as our favorite starship approches the mining colony of Janus VI.

The newer effect is computer graphics and has different lighting, but it is largely the same as the original.