The Naked Time: Atmospheric heat

enterprise plummets toward psi 2000

Flames can be seen on the screen as the Enterprise hurtles through the atmosphere toward the planet.

The Naked Time: End credits

written by john f. black

Another episode ends and CG-Enterprise says goodbye.

The Naked Time: New stardate display

new stardate display

Begone mechanical number display!

Hello Stardate chronometer!

The Naked Time: Traveling back in time

Traveling back in time

The Enterprise travels back in time (again) as PSI 2000 breaks up. As Temporal Investigations would say, James Kirk was a menace.

The Naked Time: Scotty’s magic phaser

scotty’s magic phaser

For 40 years, Scotty’s phaser wasn’t shooting anything. Now it works like it should.

The Naked Time: Shirtless Sulu

shirtless sulu

No new effects here. I just love the foil-weilding helmsman. Classic.

The Naked Time: Psi 2000 on screen

orbiting psi 2000

The revamped Psi 2000 on the Enterprise’s main viewscreen. The angle of the image looks a bit more natural.

The Naked Time: Psi 2000 title card

Psi 2000 title card

Computer-generated Enterprise and newly-rendered, more realistic planet Psi 2000 during the episode title shot.

The Naked Time: Research station on Psi 2000

Research station on Psi 2000

New matte painting shows the exterior of the Psi 2000 research station, rather than just a cloud sequence.

The Naked Time: Establishing Shot

the naked time establishing shot

Establishing shot that opens the episode. Planet Psi 200 has been added to where there was no planet before.